Brainstorming from Gitcoin community members to find new ideas to develop existing products or ideas for new products

I am a member of many crypto communities, and I can say that the Gitcoin community is an active community and has many talented members with wonderful minds, ideas, and opinions.

I think that Gitcoin needs ideas and opinions from Gitcoin members to develop the project.

So I posted this topic. It will be a collective brainstorming session among members of the Gitcoin community to find new ideas for developing current products or ideas for completely new products that are compatible with Gitcoin.

Any community member can write in the comments.

1.Ideas for new products that he believes are compatible with the Gitcoin project

2.Ideas for new features he wants to add to existing products

3.Things he thinks need improvement in current products

4.Anything else he believes could benefit the development of existing products

Share your ideas with the community, no matter how simple you think they are.

Big changes are sometimes created by simple ideas.

Through collective brainstorming and discussion, we may eventually come up with ideas that may put Gitcoin in a better place.

Trying to help

How can we find new and innovative ideas?

1.The new idea may be based on an old, known idea, or it may be the result of merging two or more ideas together.

2.The idea that was implemented by others but did not succeed and was forgotten It may be a good idea, but it was implemented in a bad way, and we can re-implement it in a more successful way.

3.The idea that has been applied in other fields that we can try it in the field of blockchain

4.It may be a traditional idea, but it can be applied in an innovative way.

5.The idea based on theoretical research and not yet implemented

6.Maybe it’s a completely new idea and comes from someone’s mind.

I am waiting for your participation and comments. Share your opinion; even if you think it is simple, traditional, or unusual, it will definitely help in making a difference.


I expected that members of the Gitcoin community would have many ideas for development, but so far no member has put any ideas in the comments.

Anyway, I probably have a lot of ideas, so maybe I’ll just mention two of them briefly.

New products compatible with Gitcoin

1.Creating complex containers for developers and other specialties that are interested in Web3
These containers are able to create crypto projects and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in a decentralized way.
Anyone can enter it, and through interaction with its members, he can launch a crypto project.

2.A new grant product works in reverse.
The public that provides grants is the one who proposes the projects that it wants to come into existence.

Maybe no one will care to read my comment, but I just wanted the topic to not be empty.

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