Big Thanks from Bankless!

Hey Gitcoiners!

I just sent an email to the support email asking to shut down the Bankless LLC grant page. We now consider ourselves Gitcoin Graduates! We are now self-sufficient in revenue, and there’s a huge thank-you we owe to Gitcoin for providing both me and Ryan with the early confidence that the market wants what Bankless is giving. Without the early support from our donators, we would have stepped into Bankless much more cautiously and slowly, but Gitcoin was able to both give us the early funding we needed, as well as the proof of demand for Bankless.

As a result, we’ve grown a community of 3,000 extremely engaged Bankless zealots in the Bankless DAO, and 100,000+ general listeners/subscribers all learning about how to live a life without banks.

Big shout out to the Gitcoin team, and now also the Gitcoin community! Thanks for helping launch Bankless!


That’s nice,it is now time for Bankless to also give back to the community. I know there was an airdrop early to all who donated. Maybe you consider doing more to the community

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Thank you @TrustlessState0x! Keep doing some great article!

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Crazy to see the diversity of projects that have come out of Gitcoin!

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