Anouncing the Token Engineering Round for GG19

Hello everyone, this is Enti from the Token Engineering Commons, where I serve as a Project Manager, and I’ve been leading our Grants Program since its inception during the Beta Round earlier this year.

So far, we’ve successfully completed two rounds, each with a $25k matching pool. These rounds have not only increased the visibility of the field but have also harnessed the collective wisdom of the community to make more informed decisions on how to distribute funds effectively.

We’re also at the forefront of what we call “Tunable QF,” a method to enhance and refine QF results by incorporating onchain data. In our case, this has helped elevate the significance of Subject Matter Experts, as explained here. We firmly believe that Tunable QF will provide round operators with greater flexibility and empower them to safeguard and reward the values and expertise of their communities. We’ll be sharing more about this exciting development soon ;).

For a closer look at the results and additional information, please visit the following links:

Now, with the GG19 outline and strategy released, we’d like to announce our commitment to continue organizing the Token Engineering round as one of the now called Community Rounds within GG19.


Excellent work @enti. I’m looking forward to seeing continued growth from the TEC team and all the grantees your work helps fund.

Congrats on extending the streak! Wishing you and the grantees the most successful round yet.


Congrats on two successful rounds @enti and I’m excited TEC is returning for a 3rd! Having rounds that continuously run and grow over time is one of the most important success metrics for Grants Stack IMO so this is great to see. Let us know how we can support you before GG19 kicks off :saluting_face:


Happy to hear this @enti and thank you for the fantastic work being done at TEC!

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Nice work and congrats on the recent rounds @enti

We very much appreciate the updates and the ongoing commitment to partnership.


This is really interesting! I wonder how much demand there is for this in the rest of the gitcoin ecosystem.

cc @umarkhaneth who has been working on data things for the rest of Gitcoin ecosystem. i wonder if tunable QF is something thatll be merged withcluster mapping QF one day!


I’ve heard of some round operators that wanted to only calculate donations from token holders. This Tunable QF would allow them to do that, or even just pick some coefficient X in the middle to give more power to token holders vs other donors.

Some of our work in the tool can be seen here, and by next week we should have ready a forum post to publish here, with more information about what we’re doing and a proposal for support on the R&D of this from the Gitcoin DAO.

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Sharing here for viz. @owocki

One of the Citizens Round grantees. Really excited to see this work.

Not vonation advice*


So many alpha communities in this round!

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It’s with great pleasure that I come here to announce that applications for our round are now open!

If you’re a project involved in the field of token engineering please consider applying: TE Round applications.

We’re also really excited to have our first sponsor ever for our grants program, and a very special one. Ocean Protocol, the privacy-preserving, data sharing protocol for AI and the New Data Economy.

They’re helping us fund what matters.

More info here: