Announcing the OpenCivics Genesis Round for GG19

Gm gm, frens.

This is Benjamin Life from OpenCivics where I serve as co-founder and steward.

We’re launching OpenCivics’ first Community Round thanks to a generous matching pool donation of $25k from an aligned organization in the decentralized civics space. Our round is intended to fund a broad cross section of civic-related public goods within a highly curated selection of projects. One of the key innovations our round is experimenting with is a criteria of membership within the OpenCivics Consortium of civic innovators, creating higher degrees of collaborative synergy between public goods builders in the space. We believe that these contributions to the QF space (civic focus, highly curated projects, and consortium membership criteria) will be useful experiments for the entire Gitcoin community to explore variations in focal points and strategies for deploying the mechanism of quadratic funding.

We’re incredibly excited to be running a Community Round for the upcoming GG19 having been recipients ourselves in previous Web3 Community & Education and MetaCrisis rounds. Our round operators are myself and Patricia Parkinson of OpenCivics, Renee Davis of Talent DAO, and Clinamenic of DAO Coalition and JournoDAO. We deeply align with Gitcoin’s Mission and we’re excited to contribute to GG19 as a new sub-community focused on decentralized civics!


You can see our round here.

You can read our documentation here.

LFGrow! :seedling: :rocket:


Thanks for the alpha. Looking forward to supporting this round.


Way to go Ben !!! Just reading over all of the details and it sounds like an amazing opportunity for others.

Happy to see a fellow Colorado grant operator bringing impact initiatives like this to the table. We will be keeping track of this round and wish you the very best success in these upcoming endeavors.

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Hi all! Happy to be helping facilitate this round, and to see the OpenCivics team’s vision being realized.

If anyone has any questions they think I can answer, feel free to tag me. I’m also excited to be working on Public Goods Network!