Analyze Lifetime Gitcoin Grants Data Rounds-12

hi guys.

i have worked on data analysis of Gitcoin Grants Data Rounds from GR1 to GR12.

here is the Github link of my work:
GitHub - mohamad1371/Analyze-Lifetime-Gitcoin-Grants-Data-Rounds--12: Analyze Lifetime Gitcoin Grants Data Rounds -12

i have told my whole story of that analysis in that github link with graphs and numbers. here i say only the main conclusions, as i found:

  • the large growth from GR11 to GR12 (106%) is awesome, but keeping the ascending trend after this round is going to be harder.

  • 57% of the grants in GR12 are not supported and finding the cause of this is so crucial

  • 3 categories which have the most unique contributors and crowdfund in all rounds are dAPP Tech, community and Infra Tech. i found that this happened because the most of grants are in this categories and it’s natural that they received more attention.

  • grants which are from north America, Europe and east Esia also received most contributions. i found that the number of contributions are high for this regions because the majority of grants are from this regions.

  • i found the Megawords of the grants with most contributions and see that this topics are speak louder: game, community, decentralization, liquidity, exchange, POAP, privacy and Thorchain.

  • finally i predicted this values for GR13:

  1. number of unique contributions: 372919
  2. amount of crowdfund: $4517640
  3. match_amount: $5251383

thanks for your attention and wish best for Gitcoin Community.