Allo grants will be outdated, new grants project started

I am writing grants with added functionality: 1. allocating a part of funds to dependencies and 2. affiliate program. (See the linked paper about science in danger and how this project saves science.) We can also create a liberal Web3 clone of arXiv and welcome scientists publish there and receive funding.

I mostly finished to write a technical design document. Today I started to write Motoko code for Internet Computer (a blockchain with powerful computer, not ZX Spectrum like Ethereum). Even L2 is of too much cost for storing dependencies on-chain, but it can be implemented at a reasonable cost using Internet Computer. I use CanDB database to store what in Solidity would be map.

I am welcoming other builders to join my project. Please, study Motoko, it is not very difficult. I (now unofficially) propose this project to receive GTC financing and be (when finished) linked from GitCoin site and Allo grants.

Should I now make official funding proposal?

Now the personal story why I decided to do this project:

As I mention in the linked to article I discovered something called ordered semigroup actions. It is an extremely important scientific discovery but for certain reasons (a chain of unfortunate events) I failed to publish it. We need to develop a new system of financing scientific publication to save science from such egregious failures of publishing and funding system.

Comments to this post are very welcome.