About the πŸ“ Citizen Grants category

Welcome to the Citizen Grants home on the governance forum.

For more information about the Citizen Grants program, visit the Citizen Grants home page.

This grants program is meant to solicit community contributions to help grow the Gitcoin ecosystem.


The program is currently divided into three pillars:

  • Citizens Retro: Our retroactive rewards program focuses on rewarding Citizens retroactively for their contributions to the Gitcoin ecosystem. Participants must meet eligibility criteria in order to participate.
  • Citizens Innovate: Community-led ideas on achieving the DAO’s goals. Proposals take the form of Gitcoin Community Proposals (GCPs).
  • Citizens Forward: DAO-led initiatives calling for Citizen contributions. Similar to RFPs, budgeted DAO units can allocate parts of their budgets toward specific projects they’d like to see created/built/fulfilled on.
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