A simple tool to lookup delegators of a Gitcoin steward

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce a new feature for Gitcoin called Delegator tracker! With Delegator tracker, you can easily lookup all the delegators and their token balance for any delegate in Gitcoin DAO. Unlike most tools that only display total voting power and count of delegators, Delegator tracker gives you more insight into who those delegators are and how much they have delegated.

To access the Delegator tracker, simply visit Gitcoin DAO Delegator Tracker. We hope this new feature will be useful for all gitcoin community members, and we welcome your feedback on how we can improve it.

Thank you for delivering this capability. We often get questions about “where did my delegation go” and this it a helpful tool.

If anyone has questions about how to delegate, whom to delegate to, or who they delegated to in the past, find this quick deck to help: