[Workstream] Fraud Detection and Defense Working Group Assemble!

Hi all! Why aren’t you using biometric authentication technology to protect against fraud? There is an excellent project Humanode, which allows you to identify a person by biometric characteristics with a certain frequency. In my opinion, this is an excellent tool for protecting against multi-accounts. You can consider the possibility of cooperation with Humanode.


@JessicaZartler I am available, I am a systems engineer.

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Thank you @clasikman for your interest! @DisruptionJoe is now the WG lead - you can contact him here or on the Gitcoin Discord in the FDD General chat :smiley:

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Hey, is this workstream still active?

The team over at GoodDollar would like to get in touch with you. We like your Passport initiative, and would like to be part of it. Our G$ Wallet works as a form of self sovereign identity, and we recently built functionality to “Sign in with GoodDollar” so users can easily register to services that work with G$s. Each one of our 400k+ claimers have been individually verified as a unique human being through biometric 3D face verification with 1:125M false positives and less than 1% false negatives. Photos are not stored, so there is no honeypot. As such, our solution could act as a very good spam/bot prevention, much more useful than Google/Facebook/Twitter. We would be honored to be included alongside BrightID, Idena and PoH to help GitCoin validate unique-human registrations :slight_smile:

Please reach out for a quick chat, you can reach me here or on noak at gooddollar dot org.

Sounds interesting. I will send an email!