[S16 Proposal] INTEGRATED Gitcoin Product Collective Budget Request

This is was a total savings of about $275k for the season, and then also we added about $225k for the Moonshot folks

We actually don’t have budget for DevRel allocated. This is to show a $0 line item, but we may help with this cost in future seasons.

Yeah, great question. As a product team we decided to “throw our sword in the ground” on this metric, knowing it was a 1-2 year goal. We are working to collaborate and roll this out with others in the DAO throughout this season. Timing was awkward with budgets.

Thanks for the review and I appreciate the questions!

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This snapshot passed with ~76% approval rate. To note, 23% of voters abstained from voting. Some percentage of these “abstain” votes are caused by larger holders who are directly compensated by the GPC workstream and thus abstain from voting to avoid a conflict of interest.
795 unique votes
~9.1M GTC tokens cast.
And thank you to all the commenters & voters who took the time to participate in Gitcoin Governance.