[S15 Proposal - INTEGRATED] - Moonshot Collective Budget Request

I’m supportive of this budget and will be voting yes.

In my S14 voter guide, I wrote: “As we crisp up the DAO’s Purpose & Essential Intent throughout Season 14, I am cognizant of MSC and its place in the DAO - and as we move to becoming a Protocol DAO, it’ll be increasingly important that MSC continues to drive towards outcomes that serve the DAO-wide purpose”

I am encouraged since then by the leadership & diligence of MSC in adding more structure to their efforts and focusing on protocol & protocol-adjacent work over the past 3 months, while still maintaining an experimental, fast-paced innovation hub vibe.

One thing I do hope to see in S15 is closer MC <> PGF <> GPC collaboration. I think we sowed the seeds for this in S14 with some great dialogue, and I’d love for us to bring some more structure & proactiveness to how these groups collaborate looking ahead.