[S15 Proposal - INTEGRATED] FDD Budget Request

I have not reviewed this budget in-depth on the forum, but I’ve read the positive reviews by the other Stewards under this proposal, and I’ve also read the initial proposal during the CSDO planning meetings. Based on this I will vote yes on this proposal.


Hi everyone!

Proposal is up on Snapshot

You have until the 20 August to cast your vote!

Thank you for your time, we really appreciate it!

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I’m supportive of this budget after reviewing it at a high level and seeing the positive comments from stewards especially those who worked closely with the workstream on feedback. I also appreciate the clear breakdown and info in the budget request.


I echo others’ feedback on this proposal and will be voting yes.

FDD has come leaps & bounds since even last season on its communication of the budget. The simplicity and clarity of this request is a breath of fresh air and one that other workstreams (mine included!) can learn from.

I hope for two things for FDD for S15:

  • To continue this simplification/communication effort, in all its other facets beyond just the budget (IMO the FDD Discord norms, team structures, and often the slides/visuals shared are still often hard-to-understand and slightly overwhelming)
  • To continue to increase collaboration with PGF as we look to jointly define how we manage policy & eligibility in a protocol world

Thank you Annika! :pray:

We will surely continue and improve coordination on those areas, it will not be a simple task, but we will again have even more observations/insights/data that will allow us to better define how we should approach this. In a protocol future ideally policy should be just an “update” and maybe also a crowdsourced/community one.


I’m always impressed by the willingness and speed that FDD receives and integrates feedback. That’s abundantly evident in the clarity of this proposal.

As the data insights experts, I’m most excited to see the recommendations and discoveries that the team makes under protocol research. Also excited to see how the Grants Eligibility flow changes for the better!

I’ll be voting yes on this budget.


Thank you for the kind words Jodi! :pray:

Hmm, can you detail more please? We are always looking for feedback and if we can improve in any way I would love to hear your opinions :sparkles:

FYI. The main obstacle of GE has been the fact that the rounds were coupled and we had to “balance” everything as objectively as we could(from a review, appeal, dispute standpoint + the fact that we had to “filter” through a lot of old grants that started to game the system + the grant investigations which are “complex” at times to say the least).

All of this + the big DAO shifts = FDD love :rofl: :blue_heart:

PS. I agree that we can always improve, in fact if we don’t constantly innovate, we will become obsoleteee

I was referring to FDD’s GIA OKR this season:

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