[Request for feedback] Proposed Future for the Grant Programs and GR16 as we Transition to the Protocol

To Begin with, I had a look through the study conducted between @Joel_m @erich & @GlenWeyl
and without a doubt it is just plain impressive, the amount of effort and thought process being put in to make the process of Quadratic funding flawless and evolve in the best interest of the community.

Yet at the same time I am surprised on how there is such little emphasis on such an important part of the grant process that has been put forward here by @J9leger which is the grant review process & eligibility criteria. I would agree that my understanding regarding the whole process might be limited as it hasn’t been long since I joined the community, yet I have read through and I couldn’t find much on the topic of decentralision of the grant review process. Does the community decide or is it in the hands of few individuals to to chose who participates in a funding round and who doesn’t. And if that is the case then there isa fair chance that deserving projects wouldn’t even get to be seen and assessed by the community based on the preferences of a certain individual. In other words how can we fully achieve decentralization when the entry point to whole process is clearly centralized with zero exposure to the community.

Based on my personal experience of applying to the current round and not being able to compete without any reason provided whatsoever , I have a strong stance that projects with an exactly similar theme and probably a much smaller scope have been accepted I might be totally wrong about it considering my individualistic interest which is why it should be visible to the community and be based on there consent which currently isn’t the case. I have been in touch with @azeem and @M0nkeyFl0wer who I believe are a great asset to the community and have totally backed my reasoning.

And while @J9leger emphasizes on the grantees frustration, who comes to the community for support yet gets denied by an individual once – without any reasoning whatsoever followed by an email (IMAGE ATTACHED) yet he never gets to be exposed to the community even once and never gets a response for all the effort he puts in not once but twice. Is this something that needs the our attention I ask?



Nice I liked you feedback bcs we are new in platform thanks for understanding :relaxed:

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