[Proposal] Prototyping Workstream (πŸš€ Moonshot) Budget Request - Q4 2021

Hey everyone,

This is a request to fund the Moonshot Collective with GTC from GitcoinDAO Treasury for the next 3 months.

The moonshot collective is a collection of builders & web3 community members who are looking to prototype experiments in coordination (whether thats public goods, private goods, governance tools). By funding the moonshot collective, we’re creating a cryptoeconomic force for builders in the space to create tools for GitcoinDAO and the ecosystem at large.

During Q3, the collective received 40k GTC, which accomplished the following

  1. The launch of Moonshot Bots which generated $2.2mm for the Gitcoin Grants multisig.
  2. The creation of Quadratic Diplomacy, a decentralized tool for distributed rewards to workstreams.
  3. The creation of Tip.Party, a tool for rewarding engagement in the DAO.
  4. The creation of a half dozen other tools other tools for DAO-era Coordination.

For Q4, we plan:

  1. Another NFT-for-public-goods launch.
  2. To guide Quadratic Diplomacy towards a partnership with CoordinAPE, which creates more distribution for our tools.
  3. To wrap up Tip.Party, so we can allocate resources to new projects.
  4. To increase the number of developers in the collective by 30%.
  5. Build even more coordination tools as we need them!

We propose that 100k of GTC be deployed to 0x230Fc981F7CaE90cFC4ed4c18F7C178B239e5F9F - a multisig of the Moonshot Collective Workstream Owners.

Along with the Moonshot Collective Gitcoin Grant, this budget will allow us to meet our objective of supporting rapid prototyping in the space and in GitcoinDAO.


@AustinGriffith :ribbon:
@Owocki :robot:

and the rest of the :rocket: Moonshot Collective.


Hi all, Here are the season 1 build roadmap for moonshot collective:

  1. Another NFT Drop, which should be going live mid to late October 2021, and hopefully will raise $$$ for public goods (just like Moonshot Bots did).
  2. dRecruiter - a Decentralized LinkedIn Recruiter - Developers can upload their resume and sell access to their contact info. Recruiters can search candidates by keyword + purchase contact info for ETH; 80% goes to dev, 20% to protocol.
  3. CoordinAPE Partnership - We have arranged a partnership with the CoordinAPE team to build out their roadmap of coordination tools in exchange for tokens.
  4. Gitcoin Grants GTC-based Curation Tool - a way of curating Gitcoin Grants based upon cryptoeconomics. An example use case would be to stake your GTC on which grants you think are quality, and those grants will get increased visibility in the Grants interface. This solves the problem of the β€œhorserace” at the start of the round where projects simply compete for more matching funds in a runaway sprint.
  5. Decentralized Sybil Resistence Aggregator - basically a decentralized version of proofofpersonhood.com - allows dApps to get the sybil score (price of forgery) for any visitor in 1-2 lines of code. We think this tool can help usher in more sybil resistance in web3.

I love the work that Moonshot Collective is doing and I’m very excited about the upcoming items in the roadmap. I fully support this proposal!


Hey, great proposal. I am just pulling together the budget for Q4 - do you have a specific breakdown for the spending of 100k GTC? The Q3 budget request was broken down into the following:

  1. Decentralized Rewards - 30k GTC
    Decentralized Rewards for contributors , deployed via a tool like CoordinAPE, decided upon by the workstream. The objective here is to create bottoms up leadership in the workstream and DAO.
    Deliverable: 2-4 new coordination tools for the DAO
  2. Scholarships - 2.5k GTC
    What: 25 x 100 GTC scholarships for members of the BUIDL GUILD who are building modular components on scaffold.eth, which will accelerate the pace of innovation in the space.
    Deliverable: Up to 25 new components built in scaffold.ETH.
  3. Ops Slush Fund 7.5k GTC
    Will be deployed to those who help herd cats (build website, run comms) for the workstream.
    Deliverable: a more organized, tightly communicated, moonshot collective execution.

Thanks in advance

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