Proposal: Partnership & Mutual Grant with Developer DAO


This proposal, if passed, would issue 50,000 GTC for governance rights equating to 5% of Developer DAO when governance is live. The purpose of this alliance is to help ensure that Gitcoin and Developer DAO can work together to coordinate bringing more web2 developers into web3 than ever before through education and events, as well as supporting the creation and distribution of public goods.


Gitcoin’s mission is to build & fund the open web.

For the open web to continue to grow and realize its potential, we need spaces where existing builders are supported to learn and contribute and new audiences of builders are inspired to take on the challenges and opportunities of web3.

Gitcoin is one such space where developers learn and earn. As a DAO of DAOs, it can also support new organizations in ways that help the web3 space on the whole. We’ve been heartened to see this already happening with its support of CLR Fund for the purpose of quadratic funding client diversity.

What is Developer DAO?

Developer DAO was started by me (Nader Dabit). In just over two months we have grown to 5436 members, mostly experienced builders taking their first steps into the open web.

Our goals are to onboard, educate and support these new builders to foster & build web3 tools and public goods. These ambitions resonate well with projects and workstreams Gitcoin has previously supported such as Moonshot Collective, and we have already found some great ways to collaborate on a smaller scale.

We see this relationship complementing Gitcoin in the following ways:

  • Enabling Gitcoin to have a voice in the future direction of Developer DAO via 5% allocation of their governance token into the Gitcoin Treasury
  • Strengthening ties between and improve the shared bandwidth of Gitcoin and Developer DAO teams (Moonshot Coordinator, Austin Griffith, Nader Dabit, Cooper Turley, Preethi Kasireddy, kempsterrrr)
  • Collaborating on educational initiatives including workshops, events and hackathons with Austrin Griffith and the Moonshot Collective workstream, to further the reach and impact of Gitcoin’s public goods mission (building for human thriving)
  • Co-creating prototypes between Moonshot + Developer DAO that play well with the Loot ecosystem vibes / memes


The passing of this proposal would transfer 50,000 GTC to 0x7128f5ff32eD07Ce12E6a9deBE32BB40F9884b3C, Developer DAO’s specified Treasury address.

On the launch of Developer DAO’s governance token, a 5% allocation would be transferred to 0xde21F729137C5Af1b01d73aF1dC21eFfa2B8a0d6, Gitcoin’s multisig address for easier delegation / voting.

Use of Funds

To ensure long term alignment, Developer DAO will hold no less than 50% of the tokens received through 2023 and act as a meta-delegate in the Gitcoin ecosystem.

To ensure long term alignment, Gitcoin will hold no less than 50% of the tokens received through 2023 and act as a meta-delegate in the Developer DAO ecosystem.


See “Motivation” section above


50,000 GTC would be removed from the treasury.


I like the energy at DeveloperDAO and it has an amazing origin story. Helping to build out DeveloperDAO’s notion was a pleasant experience and the DAO seems to have a good vibe.
I am personally interested in DeveloperDAO’s educational efforts and would like to see this proposal kicktart more opportunities for people to become developers in Web3!


Our partnership with Developer DAO is going to produce big outcomes supporting web3 communities and digital public goods over the long term.
Please enthusiastically support this proposal <3


Developer DAO and Gitcoin share so much in terms of the mission and values. Being a member of both of these DAOs, it’s great to see this partnership happening. Let’s do this :heart:


I feel this is a good idea - especially from the angle of supporting education as a public good while helping grow the Gitcoin ecosystem and onboarding talented new devs into our space


Sorry I’m so slow, totally missed this. I’m all for it!


This sounds like a great proposal. I don’t think you could ask for a much better alignment of values between the two DAOs.


Super excited about this proposal! Looking forward to seeing where this relationship goes!


If this is the intent, we should use vesting contracts.

Would love to hear more details about this!

  • What form of governance do you plan to use? What concrete authority will be vested with token holders (as opposed to eg. multisig signers)?
  • When are you planning to launch governance?
  • Would gitcoin provide GTC before receiving developerDAO tokens, or would the swap be synchronous? If Gitcoin sends first, are there any other safeguards over the agreement other than personal reputation of those involved?

I think the proposal is a good idea.


I would like to see this pass. Good leadership and a vibe in sync with Gitcoin’s mission. Build and Fund the Open Web.


Thankyou for the detailed discription. Its very informative.

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As always, monet with the useful and interesting questions. I strongly second some kind of vesting contract. If it is as clear an alignment of values as others in the thread suggest, it is also an opportunity to create good precedent for many more such swaps going forward.

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I support this proposal and I am looking forward to Developer Dao accepting new members again.

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I disagree with a vesting contract… I think there is still some flexibility needed in Defi these days. Who knows what could happen with the Defi protocol used so it is better to keep flexibility.

I like token swaps with either a shared multisig and a clear mandate… or just a simple public agreement with the DAO that says they aren’t supposed to touch the LP token without including us in the discussion.