[Proposal] OpenData Community - Gitcoin founding role and request for support

Thank you TJ - your commitment and vision and delivery of a great open source project in TrueBlocks are inspirational. I’m really happy that in the course of our research in support of a decentralized data layer we got to know you. We’ve learned a lot from you and I’m sure our community - including some Gitcoin engineers by the way (let’s quantify that benefit somehow?) - have benefited from the instruction and guidance that you shared while engaging w/ the ODC.

The ODC is your community :saluting_face:


Catching up now on this thread and the overall proposal. Thanks, @epowell101, for putting together this proposal and for your continued work to build ODC into an open source sybil fighting machine. I will echo @connor and say that I appreciate the support that the ODC provided to our team as we evaluated the results of the Beta round. I think the ODC provided tremendous value, which I believe we need in every round. I am in support of this GCP.

One question I have, and forgive me if I missed this above, but if this proposal passes, will Gitcoin receive free services from ODC moving forward and for how long? As a founding partner will we be able to lean on ODC indefinitely to provide an analysis of the results of future rounds or will we need to pay a yearly/quarterly member fee? As Gitcoin begins to provide services for Featured 3rd party rounds (conducted at the same time as our Core rounds) will we be able to utilize ODC as a part of our offering and at what cost?


Hey @jon-spark-eco thank you for your kind words and of course, for your work in making public goods funding happen.

Your question points out another flaw in the proposal as written IMO.

The short answer is yes and no - and again we should put this into the revised proposal due to be posted any day.

Yes - absolutely, this further cements the relationship between us and will enable us to do a lot of work in between hackathons that otherwise is somewhat lacking. We will use $2500 per month to fund these sorts of bounties and direct expenses (eg, API costs and so on). And this work will be done to meet the needs of Gitcoin and community round operators.

No - this amount does not guarantee a true soup-to-nuts commercial quality engagement on our part. We will continue to improve however it may still be the case that external, non-ODC commercial providers will be valuable to Gitcoin and others. On the other hand, it may well be that Gitcoin thanks to our close relationship and the understanding of Sybils in Gitcoin born from thousands of hours finding and fighting them may not need commercial-level engagements and will be more than satisfied by our best efforts to collaborate. Perhaps non-ODC commercial total solutions and professional services may be more applicable for non-Gitcoin led rounds. Yet to be determined. It could even be that Gitcoin decides to use ODC open-source software, data, and data scientists as a part of a commercial service. As you know we see ODC as a provider of public goods that could then be used as a part of commercial solutions perhaps along with other proprietary algorithms and data sets or used on their own.

It is also the case that we will be seeking sponsors for future hackathon bounties. Gitcoin may choose to continue as a sponsor depending on budget availability. We commit to continue to run by Gitcoin our proposed structure for the hackathons and would appreciate any feedback. I expect that the percentage of funding for these hackathons from Gitcoin will continue to decrease even though the focus of the hackathons will continue to benefit Gitcoin and everyone interested in using data science for good in web3. It will be up to Gitcoin on a case-by-case basis. The range of this cost is from $0 to approximately $10k per hackathon.