Proposal: Make ERC-20 Payments Permissionless?

I propose making the usage of ERC-20 tokens for bounty payments permissionless.

As of now, only ERC-20 tokens manually approved by Gitcoin can be used for rewarding bounty hunters. This slows down Gitcoin adoption by DAOs that have a not yet approved token.

To make Gitcoin more permissionless and more decentralized, I propose we open up for the opportunity for Gitcoin Bounties to be paid for with any ERC-20 token on Ethereum.

  • Yes: Permissionless choice of ERC-20 token
  • No: Gitcoin decides which ERC-20 tokens are allowed

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FYI anyone can propose a new token to here: Grow Open Source | Gitcoin

Questions about this proposal:

  1. This proposal does not follow the governance process.
  2. If the vote passes, who is going to do the dev work to make this change to the system?
  3. Who is going to make sure the tokens in the system dont have malicious code in them?