More airdrops for gtc holder?

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I don’t understand this logic. For those who have GTC (most of them got the airdrops), they would like to get more airdrops, so why?

I believe for Gitcoin, as a project to fund the open source software (OSS), would like to involve more people to buidl OSS, not focus on the airdrops and prices.

If you would like to help Gitcoin, you can have a lot of choices:

  • tell your friends about Gitcoin community, in special for buidlers
  • learn web3 knowledges through Gitcoin community
  • attend hackathons
  • etc

I think that the holders of airdrops are indeed an encouragement to participants, but at the same time, participants who do not hold coins should also have the same rewards, so as to encourage more people to participate and avoid overpowering by concentrated with the big whales.


Who got GTC are people who philanthropically donated to incentivize the building of digital public goods. We are not people who were looking to get rewarded.
The whales that are mentioned here, are intrinsically the people who have donated the most, and I can assure you that they will keep donating and working for improving the web3 ecosystem.
The incentive of looking for more airdrops would come from the projects you support within GitCoin Grants, as that would mean they are going forward, decentralizing their power, and engaging their community.


Why people want more GTC if they can not use it wisely. Airdrop more is meaningless. GTC should be the reward for those who contribute Gitcoin.


If you participate in a workstream, you can earn GTC.


While airdrops are not the principal goal of the community,it does help to encourage the development of the community.

If I can participate in it, I will be very happy. In fact, I am also working towards this goal

是的,必须这样,空投不是目标,我们需要发展 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

now gitcoin nailed on commitment with devs o/

What is the most time-efficient way to earn GTC without buying it?

It’s better to hold gtc than sold I think

:grin: more more more lets go. Gtc for the People:)

I don’t think GTC hodlers will get unnoticed when projects are looking for where to direct their will be a good way to support the community

Hi! How to participate sir? I am a noob who wants to receive free airdrops til I landed on this site. Everyone here is genius. I can’t keep up.

GTC is a governance token.

It serves two purposes toward our mission:

One: A unit participation for decentralised decision making for the project.

Two: A source of funding for the mission. When the token value increase we can sell more from treasury to increase our ETH or other holdings in order to fund bounties, hackathons and grants. As the prices fall we can buy back GTC into treasury to maintain the value and acquire GTC at a discount for selling to fund the mission at a later stage.

On the topic of Air Drops:

Air drops are a brilliant way to get the coin into circulation and drive up liquidity.
Right now we are looking healthy from a liquidity perspective [Uniswap Info](https://ETH/GTC on Uniswap)

We have a responsibility towards he long term success of the project and the open source mission.

The question is what is the best use of our treasury funds in support and sustainability of our mission? I cant see airdops being the answer to that question at this time.