🚀 Moonshot Collective Workstream Budget Request Q2 2022

It would be very welcomed if DAO Ops could help with this planning next season!

Internally we have also started to form a budget/governance working group to assist in preparation and communications for season 14.

Just to clarify here (also for you @austingriffith) we consider S13 to be basically Q1 2022, as agreed by all workstreams during the CSDO call on January 18th. No Workstream has received budgets for ‘Q1’ (DAOops & PGF proposals passed previously, but they will now also follow the seasons), dates: 2.1 to 4.30 (GR13 | 3.9-3.24). So no seasons/quarters have been skipped here.

I agree with @kyle’s feedback that this is a massive request by a workstream that has work to do on internal organization & communication. At the same time the output has been impressive and has resulted in millions of funding for public goods, and big strides are being made on project management by hiring new people.

I will probably abstain from voting on this proposal because I’m also missing transparency on how funds will be spent, and want to hold all workstreams to the same standards. Unfortunately I have no time to dive/dig deeper by myself at this moment but knowing some of the people in this team & the massive and diverse talents they bring to the table I’m looking forward to what’s next, including more in-depth reporting & budget planning!


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Would appreciate some clarification / further breakdown on the budgets of 40,000 GTC each for “Prototype Builds” and “Product Builds”.

This is a massive funding request. I would like to see better reporting of how the budget plans to be spent much like the FDD workstream does. In fact it would be better if there is some coordination between the different workstreams on funding requirements and reporting so it’s easier for stewards to provide a proper judgement.

The moonshot collective has produced some cool stuff but I am afraid that without some proper reporting and and accountability process we won’t be able to really judge funding requests and we will either be left to flat-out decline or accept anything that comes our way.

That said I don’t want to block this funding request as I have also been critical of FDD for different reasons and I did not block that either. But please let’s improve for next season otherwise I will have to either start rejecting or abstain from voting.