Login to gov.gitcoin.co with Gitcoin Passport

Looking at all 6 digit budgets I can’t stop feeling that Gitcoin DAO is something big. What bugs me in, however, is the absence of integration of decentralized technologies in this community board.

For the start I would like to see the ability to login here with Gitcoin Passport. For the moment there is only email and centralized GitHub option.

I am not yet sure that the login with Gitcoin Passport is possible. I asked it here.

So the question is how to push this forward the DAO way?

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It’s indeed a great improvement, not only this integration, but in other apps.

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion!
Right now we’re going full speed ahead on the optimization of Passport itself and the launch of our Grants protocol. There are many experiments on the way to implement Passport but the execution on this lies with the developers of the various projects. This forum runs on Discourse, so for now we are limited to what is possible with Discourse. Hopefully in the future they’ll add Passport as an option, we’d like this very much of course :slight_smile:

Note, if you want to push projects to integrate with passport, all info can the SDK can be found here

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If there is a budget that can be allocated, I already talked with folks from https://coop.pavilion.tech/ who potentially can do, or help me do the Discourse part.

For the Passport part, I don’t immediately see the “Login with Gitcoin Passport” scenario in the SDK, so I suppose it yet had to be written, but the part about reading identity looks like something that might work Integrating Passport in your DApp - Gitcoin Passport

I am pretty much interested in pushing the project of integrating Gitcoin Password with in this board sustainable way. Might even say that sustainable way is my primary motivation for pushing it. So figuring out what the budget is, how to allocate it, how to spend, how valuable is this feature for the DAO and if the budget matches the value - I am interested to know how these things are done.