Linking discourse handle to your ETH address

We have built a feature at Karma for letting new stewards link their forum handle to their ETH address. They simply have to sign a message (their username) with their wallet and post here and we will link it. We would like to use this thread for delegates to post that message so we can verify and link. Hope it’s ok. Thanks!


Verifying my forum identity for gitcoin governance addr: 0xf768f5f340e89698465fc7c12f31cb485fff98d2 sig: 0x1922f921d6066815ccf5e232cf1d5190fd83ec16e198b2394f03387bc7f1b6257490515d131e2afddfdb57b209f52921ecf70ad69dd20496b4275b0b8535e2b51b #gitcoingovernance

Here is a quick video showing how to link your discourse handle to your wallet
How to link ETH wallet - discourse username

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Verifying my forum identity for gitcoin governance addr: 0x3E31155a1c17c9F85e74828447aec412090a4622 sig: 0xbe09c08a692787bd18b5e1b655795b0126b1ccf761c857506acba3743d0142ed4e9ff393278c8cee8492d8eba4124d0c6f897d882b9ffe29ac9d9d2cc93708461c #gitcoingovernance

Hi @mmurthy

in your post you didn’t address the WHY.
E.g as a steward why should I link my discourse handle with ETH address? what are the benefits?

if you cannot convince me, just a new feature, I won’t buy it.

I am not able to update the OP but here are the reasons:

  1. The data displayed on comes from Karma. You can see there is a forum activity metric. For us to fetch the forum activity of a delegate, we need to know which delegate eth address maps to their forum user name.
  2. We have a forum plugin we built to display governance stats of delegates in the forum. We are working with gitcoin devops on installing that plugin in the forum. It provides more context into forum user while interacting on the forum. Example: See here the governance stats Profile - bobjiang - ENS DAO Governance Forum or click on any delegate avatar in the forum threads.
    We are working on more features to help streamline their work in the forum, all of which needs a mapping of eth address to your forum handle.
    Let me know @bobjiang if you have any questions.
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Verifying my forum identity for gitcoin governance addr: 0x523d007855B3543797E0d3D462CB44B601274819 sig: 0x57bede114a3503a91e186e407849391c2928f1d135d0e47d390adb842371747e185a9e4959989bc46e2287528a05dfc389c717d804013eed4b92dbd6170faeda1b #gitcoingovernance