Is there any tutorial to learn about how to get gtc token?

As title showed, I cannot find a suitable article to tell me how to claim or find out the GTC token, is there any possbility to provide a suitable article for me to investigate?

Thanks in advanced.


only thing I’ve found so far


As mentioned above in the article it says: " To claim GTC, head over to and follow the instructions."

There you should be able to see the amount of GTC that you could claim and the steps you need to complete to be able to claim them.


Do we know what was the criteria for gitcoins claims before the launch and what activities will earn them now?


I followed the instruction but it shows like that. How to get the token?


i dont think they will give you GTC every day just be active 1-2 weeks before to get something


Yea… I noticed too you have to be active before you can claim any Gtc

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awesome so be active for a while and come back and try and claim. is that right?

Hey guys, GTC was a retroactive airdrop. There no current plan for new users to receive any airdrop for activity on the Gitcoin platform.


Hello, can there be any bounty software for testers?:thinking: :grinning: :grinning:

Plenty of paid bounties here my friend :point_right:t4: Issue Explorer | Gitcoin


I am going to search through Vosk Coin and see if there are some gitcoin specific tutorials to help navigate the site for newbs.


Thanks for the link, I might look into doing some :slight_smile:

With that said, what do you think about further drops from the community?

After every active Grant cleared, the funders get both the project and gitcoin token in appreciation.

What say you mate?

was curious about this myself.

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Does this mean that airdrop is over, and new user will not receive anything in the future?

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I’m hoping that isn’t the case. Been subscribed to Voscoin and slept on jumping on here.


and how to get more gtc coin. im so exited about that

Check the official YouTube channel.the process is quite easy and straight will need to watch a video prior to each task. Also you collect your tokens ASAP.there is a timeframe for redeeming them