Introducing Steward Report Cards

Thank you for sharing this… it’s really helpful to know who you’re delegating to and why. IMO this transparency is a key part of making the whole system function.

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I think so too. I’d encourage other large holders of tokens to publish similar reports too.

Maybe in leiu of that, someone would be able to issue a report on who is delegating to who using on-chain metrics?

I’d like to treating this initial delegation as an invitation for conversation. If you think I’m delegating to someone too much or too little, or would like to nominate someone pls DM me (Owocki#1337) on discord.


I always thought APIs were supposed to be designed to be painful to use, so I think you did a really good job there. :slight_smile:

i wish this section of thte tally delegate report card worked better, it’d be nice to see the ENS names of the ppl who delegated, and be able to sort by the largest delegations (not just the latest)

im happy to be transparent, but a systemic level of transparency would be better design IMHO

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