ImpactDAO Cartographers Wanted! 🗺

An ImpactDAO is any DAO that create positive externalities for the world.

ImpactDAOs are an up & coming money lego. ImpactDAOs are a building block for how Regenerative Cryptoeconomics grows into a Pluralistic Civilizational Scale Infrastructure for Humanity.

These positive externalities are not just financial externalities. They can be across many vectors They can be any of the 8 forms of capital.

There are many different examples of successful ImpactDAOs in the world today on a diverse set of vectors:

DAO Positive Externality Scale Type of Capital
Proof Of Humanity Sybil Resistance 14k users Social, Experiential
BrightID Sybil Resistance 55k users Social, Experiential
KlimaDAO Positive Price Pressure on Carbon Credits ? Living, Financial
GitcoinDAO Public Goods Funding $51m Material, Financial
BanklessDAO Education ? Cultural, Intellectual
Kleros Dispute Resolution 1.2k disputes Social, Cultural

Of course, the above list is just a start. If we want to avoid being seen as All Theory and No Action, it would behoove us to articulate the depth & breadth of the ImpactDAO stack is as legitimate of a way as possible.

Emperically, I’ve already experienced this.

  1. In the recent Epicenter Podcast episode I recorded about Regenerative CryptoEconomics, I was asked several times for tangible examples of ImpactDAOs and their impact.
  2. When Gitcoin launched in 2017, very few dApps had any adoption. We built $52.3m in Results | Gitcoin to articulate Gitcoin’s impact & stand out from the crowd.

As more & more ImpactDAOs appear, I predict there will be an increasingly important job to be done of DAO cartography. Cartography is of course “the science or practice of drawing maps.”, and we seek to create a map of different ImpactDAOS.

By cataloging these ImpactDAOs + articulating their impact to the world, we enable the world to see the power of Regenerative CryptoEconomics, and we can route talent to the places where they can do the most good for the world.

This post is a call for proposals from DAO Cartographers across the space to add value. If you have an idea for how we can document ImpactDAOS in a way that:

  1. Has high legitimacy (highly accepted per the criteria laid forth here).
  2. Has depth (accurate & relevant stats about each ImpactDAO).
  3. Has breadth (has opined about most ImpactDAOs in the ecosystem)
  4. Reflects the pluralism of this stack by articulating an ethos that celebrates the pluralism of mechanisms in ImpactDAOs.

… I would like to talk to you. Please (1) join this telegram (2) post a proposal below in 500 words or less that articulates how you would attack this problem and what would have to be true for it to happen (hint: please ask for funding, I want to fund good proposals!).

I have budget to fund as many promising proposals as I receive, and will decide how to spend that budget on a case by case basis.


suggestion for a proposal: do a minimum viable ImpactDAO documentation + create a spreadsheet with the following columns: title, website, mechanism description (280 chars or less), positive externality (280 chars of less), scale (number), provenance of the scale number, Type of Capital

from there, i think its just the sweat equity of going through the major DAOs + asking what their impact is on the world, then cataloguing documentation that they’re reaching those objectives (ideally on chain documentation)

Regenerative Finance is a new categorization of environmentally minded organizations and projects. A couple months ago I created an initial map of organizations doing work in this space. This was based on information from the ReFiDAO list. As this map was released there was a Kumu that was created around the same time from someone else. As Kumu is more visually appealing then mindmeister, the first step would be to translate the material compiled from the MindMeister to the Kumu map. From there we will start expanding how ReFi connects with other ImpactDAOs (such as Decentralized Science and Gitcoin supported projects). At the same time we will start tying in real life action to these maps through collaborative mapping techniques (such as from creating a My Maps by Google Maps). The idea for this mapping is to make all materials created dynamic and editable by the community. When an edit is made the DAO can vote on if the edit is acceptable or not. For links see the Telegram.

This is a very interesting idea :face_with_monocle:
Wouldn’t it be cool to build a kinda of 3D map with all the ImpactDAO nicely visualized(maybe I’m taking it to far, but it would be cool to see the info this way)

this is interesting and possibly synergistic with what were doing here Web4 - What is the Abundance Economy? - YouTube

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update on the impactdao cartography project.

together, the plan is to YOLOing out an “ImpactDAO Map” v0.1.0 book for devconnect in amsterdam 4/22 that i sell alongside the greenpill book.

the two books are complementary.

  • green pill book = vision
  • impactdao map = where rubber meets road, tangible example of regen projects.

i keep getting challenged with “ok kevin but which projects are ACTUALLY regen-ing today?” so having the impactdao map book would be the way we systematically document those answers + respond to them.

to facilitate that, Ale has put together a data source for all of the impactdao projects out there: (you can see the progress so far at Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. and Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. )

im going to leverage our network to get as many ppl submitting their project as possible as possible.

we’d then lay out all of the project info in a beautiful book and hand it alongside the greenpill book at devconnect amsterdam on 4/22.

rough table of contents for the book:

  1. intro/why do this (3 pages)
  2. featured projects (5 projects x 2 pages each)
  3. projects by category (1 or 2 projects per page x 50 pages)

i think we could get the project data all together by 3/10, then the book prints shipped by 4/1, blurb takes about 10 days to turn around the prints, and id have them on-site in devconnect 4/22.

ill be setting up a weekly meeting with this group to push the project forward (join the telegram if u want to join)

roles in the group so far:

  • octavian is in deisgn
  • carey is ghostwriter/EA/organiser
  • ale is doing data gathering & analysis for us.

Have a link to share with the group?

I am interested in helping as I can :slight_smile:

Here you go! Telegram: Join Group Chat