How does Artificial Intelligence meets Web3 in QuadraticLand?

For anyone with a strong background in A.I., just like me, with little or no prior knowledge or experience in blockchain technologies (besides trading) and Web3, how can such individual be ushered into this field?

Can there be a clear mentorship pathway for beginners in Quadraticland?

I’ve read that blockchain, artificial intelligence and edge computing are the core of Web3. Albeit, it’s interaction/interception remains unclear (to me).

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Come join the anti-sybil work group here. We would love to have people helping out at the ML anti-sybil work stream and Token Engineering community is also providing education and path of growth.

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Thank you.

I joined since it was published. I join the latest meeting too.

I was kinda a bit curious to learn more from others.


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nw! Good to see you in the meetings.