GTC Price Vision/Plan

Hey Team, hope all going well.
From investors point of view, seems there’s no campaign or narrative towards GTC token, when other useful projects such as Chromia there’s a remarkable support in their projects & Token (CHR) at the same time.
Checking on the web & social media about Gitcoin, and people’s reaction is actually very negative towards the token, and honestly it makes sense as GTC token hasn’t moved yet when most of the well known tokens are behaving remarkably well.
Is there any serious Vision, roadmap, or attention toward GTC price movement? Thank you.

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They’ll not response to this topic and keep dumping GTC to holders. That’s all they gonna do. Nothing else

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Hey @Mrtn and @ntquang22298 I recommend you check out a related post where this conversation is already happening: GTC Token Center


I dont see any value in that post. Still gtc have no value and founder keep dumping to market. I’ve kept my gtc and watching gitcoin for 3 years

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Gitcoin 3.0 will be lunarpunk

We are the lunarpunk Gitcoiners. Expect us.

Gitcoin needs to solve the problem of GTC price action being down only. It cannot do this unless it becomes more Lunarpunk.
Gitcoin needs to progressively decentralize. It cannot do this unless it becomes Lunarpunk.
Gitcoin needs to be privacy-aware. It cannot do this unless it becomes more Lunarpunk.

Token price action is hard. Because the industry is terrified of being on the wrong side of a national regulatory regimes, DAO members cannot speak of the value of their token. We cannot accept this status quo.
Progressive decentralization is hard. Gitcoins attempts at decentralizing went too far too fast in 2021/2022 and it began to fail hard in market. Gitcoin was consumed by discoordination, lack of aligned incentives, and Parkinsons law. We cannot accept this status quo.
We need to be able to speak freely about those in power at Gitcoin. We posted our Anonymous Concerns about QF on Gitcoin - And we will engage here too. For that, we need privacy. We cannot accept this status quo.

We are the source of the final attempt to progressively decentralize gitcoin. Gitcoin should decentralize more once it reaches product market fit. When the Grants Lab is gone, when its time to go DAO native, there will be only us. By doing this, Gitcoin will move beyond its statist and solarpunk roots and to become more crypto native and lunarpunk.

We are the Lunarpunk Gitcoiners. Expect us.

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