GitcoinDAO multisig signers

Hi folks,
I am currently writing an academic article on GitcoinDAO and wondering what the situation in GitcoinDAO is in terms of treasury management.
Am I correct that once consensus is reached over funding x, y or z proposal (say a new workstream) the funds are then released from a multisig wallet? If so, where is this wallet and who are the multisig signers?
Thanks for your help.
Dr. Paul Dylan-Ennis/polarpunklabs


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The GitcoinDAO Governance system is a fork of COMP/UNI style governance (not a multisig). Tokens are released from the GTC timelock via the governance process . I’d recommending skipping to this part of the docs which contains the answer to your question.

Also worth checking out the governance-docs and launch blog post.


Thanks @owocki, I really wanted to make sure I got this right!

I recommend checking out this Dune Dashboard by @ivanmolto as well.
It’s filled with lots of interesting information regarding our governance system.


Amazing, thank you @Fred

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