Gitcoin Stewardship

Gitcoin Username: free2ride19

ETH Address:

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
    I am an innovation specialist a researcher in inclusion survey, I have dedicated my career to creating social impact. I am a volunteer in the youth national program in my country NYVP, and other existing organizations, and more on developmental goals and objectives built on the structures those organizations are built on. That is why I am passionate about Gitcoin. Its quadratic Funding with the Gitcoin team called Quadratic Trust. I would be honoured to take on a more significant role in the governance of Gitcoin.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills
    I have been in the blockchain space since 2012, working at startups including Decentral, Ledger Labs, and ixo Foundations. I am the founder of the Learned worth consult which gained approval for the Learned worth wallet on gitcoin, my foundation knowledge on entreprise build and entrepreneurship on data initiative was earned as an enthusiastic Learned workman on the EDC platform well spoken at crypto events around the world.

Thank you for your consideration to have me as a steward.


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Hey @free2ride19, I believe the place to post your steward application is here: