Gitcoin Digest #35 - That's a Wrap on GR15!

And that is a wrap on GR15!! :dancing_women:

By the Numbers

During Gitcoin’s 15th consecutive grants round, we raised over $4.2M!*

  • $3.1M matching pool
  • $1.1M from contributors
  • 39.6K donors contributing

*These numbers are our best estimate right now, as results continue to update.

For GR15, we received roughly 1300 total grant applications, and approved 600 grants. The grants support team + FDD managed to resolve all outstanding appeals in an average time of under 72 hours per appeal.

FDD also detected multiple grants that were not Main Round eligible, saving over $100k in matching funds. Our Sybil defense efforts are working! :mechanical_arm:

A big thanks to all those that made it happen: GitcoinDAO teams, grantees, partners, and everyone that donated!

Also worth noting is that Gitcoin grants has distributed a total of ~$69M in funds to open source software and digital public goods projects since its inception!

In this issue of the Digest:

  • DAO Kudos :clap:
  • Hot Topics :fire:
    • Twitter Roundup :bird:
    • New Posts in the Governance Forum :postal_horn:
    • This Week’s GreenPill Episodes :seedling:
    • Weekly Gitcoin Blog Roundup :newspaper_roll:
  • New and Active Governance Proposals :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Upcoming Events :calendar:

And now, on to this week’s DAO Kudos!

:fire: DAO Kudos

  • Connor O’Day for your diligence with reviewing grants and spotting a massive sybil ring!” - Janine
  • “Big shoutout to the FDD team for all their work on Passport + Staking - and extra shoutout to Carl for his work as well” - Brent
  • “Thanks Mathilda for helping me put in a yolo tweet” - Brent
  • “Much love for the MMM grants team. Your responsiveness and service-oriented attitude went a long way in GR15 :revolving_hearts:” - Laura
  • “Kudos to the brand working group for the ongoing work they are doing” - CoachJ
  • “Shout out to Carl and his pluralism visual” - Joe

:fire: Hot Topics

:baby_chick: From Twitter

:ballot_box: From the Governance Forum

Knowledge Transfer; Vitalik Buterin’s reviews of Gitcoin Grants, by Owocki

Owocki wrote this post about Vitalik’s involvement with Gitcoin Grants rounds 3-9, and he provides links to the review posts Vitalik wrote for those rounds. From Kevin:

“I am writing this post in order to highlight these to members of GitcoinDAO as part of a knowledge transfer. If you joined GitcoinDAO in 2021-2022, you likely were not a part of Gitcoin during the time in which Vitalik was deeply engaged. As grants 2 approaches product market fit in both Ethereum + NFT/DEFI/L2 ecosystems, perhaps there are some nuggets of wisdom in the above posts.”

Fileverse Grant Deactivation, by Disruption Joe

There are some new updates in the replies in this thread. Essentially, the FDD team paused Fileverse’s grant over the weekend of September 9th, and later unpaused it, citing that there’s no evidence of link between the identified Sybil attackers and Fileverse.

Fileverse’s team worked during that time to identify a network of Sybil attackers that had been targeting numerous Gitcoin grants with micro-transactions using ZK Sync. Momonosukke, posting for the Fileverse team in the forum, says that the Fileverse team is: 1) working on a forum post that will list some tools and recommendations that may make Gitcoin grants fairer and more transparent, and 2) working on a proposal to co-fund a bounty with Gitcoin, to build on the research and evidence the Fileverse has done during GR15.

Benefits of Using Price of Forgery in Gitcoin, by porobov_p

Upala founder Petr Porobov posted another installment exploring using “Price of Forgery” at Gitcoin, which he claims will ensure a fairer trust bonus, safer matching funds, and monetizes aspects of Sybil defense. The post was originally written as a follow up for this GreenPill episode exploring the Price of Forgery concept. Petr provides extensive research on how the concept works, and how it might be implemented at Gitcoin.

:studio_microphone:Latest Episodes from GreenPill

  • Greenpill #47 - Financial Inclusion for the World with GoodDollar: Kevin welcomes Anna Stone and Hadar Rottenberg, Co-Founders of GoodDollar, a basic income protocol that presents a people-powered, distributed framework to generate, finance, and distribute a daily digital basic income. Since launching G$, their reserve-backed token, in September 2020, users are receiving their share of G$ every day, and they are using it to transact and create new economies and businesses. Anna, Hadar, and Kevin dive into all of the good GoodDollar is offering for the world and so much more.

  • Greenpill #48 - kycDAO with Balázs Némethi: Kevin is joined by Balázs Némethi, the Founder of kycDAO, a multichain platform for issuing reusable, on-chain KYC verifications. Kevin and Balázs chat about what kycDAO is, who it’s for, the trials and tribulations of creating a DAO, and so much more.

:ballot_box: Gitcoin Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Holders and Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, move on to Tally after being ratified on Snapshot.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

  • None this week

:speaking_head: Proposal Discussions:

  • None this week

:white_check_mark: Latest Completed Proposals:

  • None this week

:date: Upcoming Community Events

This Week (9/28 - 10/5)

Wednesday, October 5th:

  • 10a-11a ET: ImpactDAO Cartographers Club Weekly Call. Via Zoom.

  • 11a-12p ET: [STREAM] Public Goods Group Discussion. Via Youtube.

  • 12p-1p ET: Weekly DAO Vibes Sesh–our weekly Gitcoin office hours, hosted in the Gitcoin Discord server!

For up-to-the-minute updates on Gitcoin events, check out our Events Calendar!

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