GG20 Eligibility Criteria - Community Rounds

This proposal is now live on Snapshot, and will be open for 7 days.


Thank you for your feedback! Everything that you point out would be needed, yes! Transparency around funding and who the round operators are, as well as accountability, are all already baked into the agreements as well as the questions outlined in the proposal.

As mentioned, we strongly recommend and provide guidance around how sybil resistance is done within the rounds. Historically, we have not come across any issues doing it this way. If we encounter an issue, we can look at amending this in the future. And because all round have to comply to our core rules, which includes no fraudulent activity, this also ensures that round comply to sybil resistance measures throughout.


Appreciate the callout of Impact Assessment tools. As far as I can tell, hypercerts, GAP and Deresy are close to the Grants Stack and the Gitcoin ecosystem. I’d like to learn what the path to integrating these solutions as part of the required assessments for round operators.

For example, one could implement a flow similar to the Application Questions in the round creator and manager. When a field containing a GAP, Deresy or hypercerts reference is detected, a link is rendered to inspect the data. This would be the bare minimum but a cleaner UI around this would be more effective probably.

We experimented with hypercerts + grants stack for the GPN and outlined our findings here: Lessons from GreenPill Network's Hypercerts Impact Funding Experiment

TLDR: how can we get these assessment into the Grants Apps?

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This specific guideline has prevented us from pursuing the route of matching on matching for our first grants round.

There is also no way to edit :writing_hand: the round & add more grant managers so it is impossible to become eligible for this opportunity.

There was a Round Manager Cohort run by GreenPill @lanzdingz @sejalrekhan, many talented Round Operators in their network.


We were denied from the first cohort which left a bad taste in our mouth. In recent months leading up to the new year we have stopped spending ample amounts of time in governance forums, discord, and telegram channels as well. This is because the time spent developing our actual product with our developers and working on the code has become much more valuable and will provide more meaningful impact than the discourse of communication we have here. But also because prior to the Gitcoin Citizens round 2 there was a call to action for members to become more involved in governance and helping assist community members in the discord. Which didn’t get rewarded. So we are hesitant to spend any more of our precious time for work displaying our thoughts in text form.

Honestly the team is feeling highly discouraged to participate in the immediate Gitcoin ecosystem grants programs. It feels great to be running a round independently and we are thriving in the spirit of decentralization with Gitcoin grants stack technology at our fingertips. It’s nice to have your own freedom and not be bound by another overarching structure.

We will no longer be participating as grantees starting in GG20 because the amount of time/energy spent on a Gitcoin grant campaign was not meeting the benchmarks for our current fundraising goals so we have pursued funding from other programs in order to provide more room for newer young players in the web3 startup world of Gitcoin.

This is still a very crucial part of many web3 startups and our team has made it clear that the lift for each round was well beyond the rewards from the funding we received during grant rounds on Gitcoin during the year of 2023. Although the small amounts of funding we received during each round did help to subsidize a portion of costs for development. It’s time to move on.

We are happy to have made it to this stage of separation from the dependency of grant funding from Gitcoin. Thanks :pray: to Optimism and the rewards that we have received from the Retroactive Public Goods Funding we are able to complete the development of our MVP and fund our own grants program without any help.

@FractalVisions no one was denied from the training cohort, if you registered by the deadline and left an email you would have received an email with next steps. This training was run by The GreenPill Network, not gitcoin. We posted about it in Gitcoin’s forum - but Gitcoin’s forum isn’t the best place to reach us, as we are a separate group.

As well if you had flagged this to us, we could have manually added you - we had a number of people do this and they were given access to the charmverse page where we ‘housed’ the trainings.

Everyone who registered was accepted, everyone who reached out was let in (unless they asked at the end in which by then most of the trainings were done since it was 8 weeks long)

In the meantime, we also turned it into an on-demand training on Gitcoins youtube - we felt it would reach more people here as that is where they look for round management resources over greenpill


You are wrong. :expressionless: We did apply and no one ever responded… No one ever responded to our comments on the forum either…

@FractalVisions as I expressed above - this isn’t GPNs forum, its gitcoins. GreenPill ran the training, these are you commenting on a Gitcoin forum post. Kevin didn’t run the training he was an instructor. I’m sorry that you wanted to get in the training but weren’t able to because you were trying to reach me/us in the wrong forum setting. For future reference ping us in our discord (GreenPill Network).

To say you were denied from the Cohort isn’t an accurate representation of what happened. To deny someone means we rejected them/turned them away - we did no such thing. Again though I am sorry you wanted to participate and were not able to. As mentioned and linked above, you can watch all the trainings on demand.

GreenPill Network doesn’t monitor the Gitcoin forum - the only reason I am here is because I got a notification because I was tagged. Otherwise I wouldn’t even know to look here at these comments.

For the future if you want to participate in something that GreenPill is running, and you feel you are missing out, it is best to hop into our discord and ask.


I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying that the reason you’re not eligible is that you cannot provide the list of team members in your proposal who will be round managers? If so, yeah I’d recommend reaching out to others in your community who might be interested in taking up the opportunity!

If it’s because you cannot edit the round to add round managers, then actually that is very possible to do through etherscan. We have a walkthrough for that here


We asked during one :point_up: of the spaces and never got a response. It’s a bit too late :alarm_clock: now though. The application process starts on Thursday and certainly don’t want to delay or change anything at this point as we are counting down the hours until launch.

Oh that’s strange we missed that question sorry! But you can always DM me to check! Sometimes we miss questions on Twitter, but you can also use other channels to check on things (Discord, TG, DM’s). You could’ve also asked us that on this gov forum post (as we also linked it during the space).

But if your applications are starting in a few days, you won’t be able to participate in GG20 anyway because the round is in April so it sounds like timing isn’t lining up.

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It’s all good. The matching on matching would have been nice seeing as how the community rounds have to fend for themselves now going cold :cold_face: turkey :turkey: from having web3 & community round matching pools of $200,000 in the previous round dropping down to nothing in season 20.

This will certainly leave a ton of people wondering what happened to the Gitcoin ecosystem between GG19 & this round. As many teams and individuals have been preparing their grants for upcoming seasons based on the premise of these rounds happening in the past and may not have noticed the announcement :mega: via social networking channels about those rounds being community run. The fact that folks have to spin up their own community round for season 20 may catch a lot of people who had their hearts set on participating in their first Gitcoin round off guard.

It definitely feels like a lot of unnecessary barriers for folks who have less than 25K in matching funds.

Our intention is to fund a lot of amazing projects that have not had the opportunity to join the Superchain ecosystem utilizing the Gitcoin grants stack. Over the past week we have garnered the support of two dozen creators from all over the globe for our grants round in preparation for the application phase to open.

We have been raising funds since last year for our round and are also utilizing funding from rewards we received in the retroactive public goods funding round 3 to help fund our matching pool on Gitcoin.

It shouldn’t be so hard for people who are highly dedicated to building in the the public goods sector to receive assistance for sponsorship support with their little community rounds especially if it’s a small ask. The gesture of using funding from our own RPGF rewards already shows a high level of commitment to the grants program and our dedication to helping grow the pie larger. Why stifle that growth ?

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There is $125 K in matching on matching but what if the funds are not utilized through proposals ?
It doesn’t make sense not to fund the smallest of matching pools if that would make a significant difference to the projects in those rounds. Despite their being small risk factors involved it may be worth exploring this option.

The stipulations to request matching funds shouldn’t have restrictions set in place that prevents accessibility to those who need it the most. Otherwise it is a pointless effort resulting in a snowballing effect of projects with money receiving more money who certainly don’t need it.

Appreciate you sharing your perspective @FractalVisions . We’ll closely evaluate how GG20 goes and adjust where necessary for future rounds!