[GCP-011] - Support the Funding the Commons Hackathon, Residency and Conference Series

For those interested in learning more details about how this project is going, feel free to listen back to the Twitter Spaces about these upcoming activations: https://twitter.com/gitcoin/status/1671232478483451907

Thanks for this update, Jonathan. Excited to see how the Paris and Berlin activation unwraps. And wanted to ping @davidacasey @bobjiang @0xZakk to potentially replicate the success of this first series in Singapore or SEA during September (EthSingapore and Token2049).

OKX Ventures and Web3 worked with Gitcoin in HK on HK University hackathon back in April with minimal costs, and we would love to explore options and help find partners/sponsors to do a Public Goods Funding hackathon using Allo protocol. The goal would be to strengthen Gitcoin’s legitimacy and positioning as a thought leader in public goods funding movement and also attract more developers in Asia to the Ethereum community.

A Schelling Point in Singapore, or residency in Vietnam are all options we’d like to bring to the table and discuss after this first series.


Hi everyone,

I wanted to provide an update on how the funds were spent for this project.


This one is pretty straightforward - Gitcoin had a strong presence at both conferences in Paris and in Berlin. You can check out the Funding the Commons Twitter for highlights of each conference.

In Paris, we had Meg speaking about Grants and better understanding programs and their maturity. We also had Zakk giving a workshop on Allo. See Meg’s talk here: https://youtu.be/v34j8dVRd-g?si=owr49ROr8KRx9aBt

In Berlin, we had Nate do a keynote speech around Allo and its potential. See the talk here: https://youtu.be/vNTUiHw0or8?si=D6FPR-v2OAqOK4sH

Having a presence at both conferences gave us the opportunity to have dozens (hundreds?) of conversations with folks in the space, collecting real-time thoughts/feedback/first impressions of Gitcoin and its offerings.


Of the initial $100k that has been allotted to this, so far $20k has been spent. Find out more about the winning projects on this page: buidlbox

Other projects:

  • An additional $5k was allocated to the planning and development of the project below.
  • One major project being worked on is an IRL QF experiment with the residents of Split, Crotia. The proposal is now with the city government and we are waiting for updates. You can learn more about this project by clicking on this link: https://splitqf.super.site/
  • Remaining funds ($75k) are still being scope for future public goods projects - signers on the multisig include myself, @davidacasey from Funding the Commons and @vpabundance from Octant.

I will continue to post updates as they become available.


Thanks for the update coachj

My project voicedeck received $5k of this money (and an additional $4k from filecoin in the same hackathon), so i thought it would be useful to share my perspective as a grantee. The biggest value i derived from this experiment was being able to work with a world class designer and smart contract developer at no cost/risk (we worked without expectation during the hackathon and decided to split the prize money if we got it).

Overall, I’d say this is a much needed pipeline in our ecosystem where gitcoin grantees build out their product in hackathons at FTC/buidlbox to show progress to the community ahead of the next round. Oftentimes the money raised in gitcoin rounds isn’t close to enough for hiring the designers/developers needed, so such hackathons in between rounds can help gitcoin grantees find the short term staff they need to make progress ahead of the next round.

I would love to see some of these funds allocated to a hackathon for gitcoin grantees only, to work on their product ahead of the next round. In the long run such an experiment might also be useful to assess the efficacy/seriousness of gitcoin grantees

Some concluding notes on the ROI of the money we got in this hackathon - the prototype we developed got the interest of pollen labs (the privacy and scaling team at ethereum foundation), who assigned a team of 7 designers, developers and a PM to create a full-blown version of our design by february :exploding_head: Quite an insane leverage/multiplier from this allocation!