[Discussion Series] Evolving the Gitcoin Brand: Naming our Protocols & Products

I am pretty excited about the new anming and uniting Project protocol / Grants Hub in the Grants stack and Allo.

Thanks for these details! I am so glad we are delivering on, and making decisions after lots of research and debate! (no shade at all, its been a lot of hard work).


Yes! A comprehensive and documented approach is the best. Kudos @alexalombardo and everyone who participated in this discussion. :slight_smile:

Just want to say that I listened to the Greenpill pod with @J9leger @connor @nategosselin this morning and heard the Allo name drop for the first time … and it was goooood! Congrats on coming up with an amazing name!

(There was a moment of doubt where I thought it might be β€œAloe” like the plant but am glad to see that’s not the case)