Become a Greenpill Book Distributor 🌱

Hello everyone,

I’ve been hard at work with @bobjiang and a handful of really amazing contributors to translate GreenPill to other languages. Translating the book to other languages will allow the message of how crypto could be good for the world to be spread beyond just native english speakers.

Here are the finished translations:

You can get the digital copies of the translations here,

You can get physical copies of the books here:

I’m looking for partners in distributing these books in applicable regions. If you are interested in helping distribute these books, please

  1. fill out this form:
  2. join this telegram group + say hi: Telegram: Join Group Chat

It’s my pleasure to work with @owocki and all the translators from this bounty - Translate the GreenPill book into another language. | gitcoinco Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin | Gitcoin

Now we are looking for partners in distributing these books in applicable regions. The language list is:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Portugese
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Spanish
  • Indonesian
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Persian

please help to forward this post to the right person, thank you for your help.

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Hello and thx for all the effort <3

I’ve been in the translation group for Turkish but the group couldn’t proceed fast (it was our planting season), but it was translated, and made me very happy at first!
Unfortunately after reading it, I’m not happy with how it ended up. I’ve checked all sentences and sadly this is %100 google translate where some sentences don’t have a meaning. (+Nash equilibria part is not translated at all)

Thanks to GitcoinGR13, our project was able to sow seeds in 5 different regions with many other benefits. Personally, I am not looking for any bounty, but feel responsible for giving back to the community by correcting the poor translation of the book with our team before the distribution to reach Turkish readers.
The subject is not easy for all, and I’d suggest it could be better to reach readers with correct sentences rather than google translate. (Better late than poor translation?)

Waiting on your opinions.
Thank you

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Hi @berksohto

Thanks for your feedback, and for sure the quality is king.
So if you have comments, please leave your comments on figma link.
If the total quality is not accepted, please list at least 5 improvements.

Again, thank you for your advice.

I’ve done 23 for now.
As a regenerative hemp farmer and someone in ReFi space trying to green pill my environment; that quality (%100 google translate) should not be accepted IMHO.
It’s been 13 days since I wrote, -there is so much going around those couple of weeks- but I will surely finish this asap. (maybe with some help from friends)

((It has also been forgotten to google translate on “Nash Equilibra” part; it was in English; So as coordination games suggest; google translating everything might not be punished maybe but definitely shouldn’t be rewarded if it’s done without notice.))

I’m only new here on forums, but I know we have the brightest minds in the universe as developers here on Gitcoin; isn’t there a program/system to check if translations have been done with -only- google translate?



@bobjiang perhaps we should redo the turkish translation then?


Hi there, a friend of mine pointed me to this book and the translation efforts. I´d be happy to help translating it into German. How would be the procedure? Also I´m new on gitcoin and could need some short advice where and how to start.
Best regards, Eric

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Hi @berksohto

Thank you for your comments, and feedbacks on Figma.
So from your point of view, how is the quality for the translation?

Is it readable for Turkish native speakers?

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It is definitely readable for native speakers as Google Neural Machine Translation system (GNMT) is doing its job pretty well.
But I believe this book deserves better than the automatic translation. How do you think we should proceed?

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i need korean book ~~~