A Vision for A Pluralistic Civilizational Scale Infrastructure for funding Public Goods

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Glen just published his excellent essay Why I am a Pluralist.

Highly recommend it!


We need to be careful not to have simultaneous global trust networks that are simply echo chambers of opinion, like we see springing up and doing damage in the media space, i.e. corporate, social or public niche media. While the influence of the nation state may or may not decline, we need to try and keep social mechanisms alive to make sure balanced narratives are created and acted upon. I don’t for a minute mean by that traditional political centrist narratives that end up being so slow, that they don’t meet the urgency of the problems we need to solve. We need open deliberation models driven by proven facts, and not opinion… aka citizens’ assemblies

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I’ve often thought of this argument as a “make room for god” principle, or more technically, a rule of parsimony in crypto economics, with the injunction to be thoughtful about the implications of this technology were it to truly scale. Early conception of this: should crypto protocols strive to be “net-zero” when it comes to trustlessness?; that is, strive to deploy trustlessness globally if and only if, in a symmetrical way, it secures and protects high trust relationships locally? (feedback on this point welcome)

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